We are delighted to announce the launch of Capitalize! The DisCon III Fan Fund, supporting fans, staff, and program participants from marginalized communities to attend DisCon III. One of the most important ways to ensure a fabulous Worldcon is to have participants and attendees as diverse as fandom itself, and this fund is one of the steps we are taking to increase diversity and inclusion at DisCon III.

DisCon III is seeding Capitalize! with 20 memberships that will be discounted for Washington, DC area residents or given out to fans and participants from marginalized communities, who have limited financial means, or who suffer from other barriers to attendance. Fans seeking assistance from Capitalize! will be able to apply to the fund from October 2020. 

Beginning immediately, we are asking for support for Capitalize! through financial contributions. We will need your generosity, kindness, and participation to help facilitate diversity in DisCon III attendance. Help us open the doors to fandom!

To learn more, and to see how you can support the fund, see full details of Capitalize! The DisCon III Fan Fund.

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