Science Talk 9: Entrepreneurship, Quantum

Contextualizing Physics Innovation and Entrepreneurship connecting Mindset to Skillset — Bahram Roughani, Randy Jones

Physics education faces challenges in student engagement. This can be due to the techno-centric approach in physics education with little or no attention devoted to exploring the relationship between physics concepts and human needs. To enhance engagement we may need to focus on the “why” in order to inspire purpose and passion for learning physics. We will discuss the potential impact of contextualizing Physics in real world application based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and will present specific examples.

The Quantum Internet:  Hype or the Next Step? — John Ashmead

What do we mean by the quantum internet? Why do we need more than just quantum computing? What are quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution, quantum sensors? How are these concepts entangled? What are the advantages of the quantum internet? key problems? Who will get to use it? And do we have just a bunch of interesting technologies that all have quantum in their name or can the whole be more than the sum of its parts?

December 19, 2021 - 10:00 am EST

Location: Diplomat Ballroom
Tags: Science
On-site, Available Virtually
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