Con Running

Taking Care of Volunteers

Cons and other fannish activities rely on volunteer efforts but many conventions burn through volunteers at every level. Depending on people who work for free (plus maybe some snacks and a t-shirt) presents special challenges. Panelists will discuss best practices for recruiting and managing volunteers, as well as cases in which you should use paid… Continue reading Taking Care of Volunteers

Everything You Need to Know to Bid for Worldcon

How do you choose a location? How much startup capital do you need? How do you assemble a staff? This panel will tell you everything you need to know, including what unsuspected resources are at your disposal, when putting together a Worldcon bid.

Creating a More Accessible Convention

How can we make conventions safer and more inclusive for those of us with disabilities (visible and otherwise) through mutual support and cultural change?

Chicon 8 Presents…

Come hear the Chicon 8 team present its plans for the 80th World Science Fiction Convention in 2022 in Chicago.

Robert’s Rules and Accessibility

Robert’s Rules of Order is a set of strict rules for running meetings used by governmental bodies and many fan groups. They can also present a significant entry barrier for many, including people with disabilities, non-native English speakers, and people with nontraditional educational backgrounds. How can we work within the framework of Robert’s Rules to… Continue reading Robert’s Rules and Accessibility

Adding Fannish Skills to Your Resumé

Wrangling volunteers, publishing fanzines, beta reading, negotiating hotel contracts… Plenty of fannish skills can be converted to real-world professions. How can you translate fannish experiences into a career?

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