Digital Dice: Taking Your TTRPG Online

The last year has caused droves of tabletop role-playing gamers to migrate to the internet. Moving online has brought with it a myriad of advantages—and some disadvantages. Our select group of gamers will share their best tips for running your gaming group in an online format.

In Praise of Randomness

Random elements are a design tool used in many video game plots and progressions, whether it be procedurally generated enemies or quests, or large-scale reordering of the game logic. There are similar, but different, dynamics in tabletop role-playing games’ use of dice and random generation tables. Why does randomness in game progression work? What are… Continue reading In Praise of Randomness

Video Game Writing as a Discipline

For a long time, video game writing was seen as a separate discipline from, and often inferior to, more “serious” speculative media. As video game narratives become increasingly complex, and gameplay becomes more sophisticated, is it still useful to define video game writing as a separate discipline? If so, why?

LARPing: 2021 and beyond

Live action role-playing games, or LARPs, have developed a rich repertoire of practices across many communities. How can newcomers get involved? How have these communities adapted their practices in response to COVID-19? What innovations do we hope will carry forward into the future?  Panelists will discuss what is next for LARPs.

The Best Video Games of the Last Ten Years

What are the best video games of each year from 2010 to 2019? What about for the decade as a whole? What games should have been nominated for a Hugo Award, if a Hugo for video games had existed in the year of their release? Panelists and audience members will make the call together.


The authorities always said games would rot our brains. But these days there are tons of games and gaming techniques, both online and offline, that teach skills such as math, science, language, and critical thinking. Our panel of educators, game experts, and parents will provide input on how to navigate the gaming waters with an… Continue reading Gameschooling

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