Internet Culture

Fanwork Factions

Fanfiction and other fanworks are well known for creating space for the stories that aren’t-quite-told in canon. Communities have developed their own ethical standards about how and when elements can be used from other peoples’ work, but we have also seen significant ship wars and the rise of purity culture. How are these community norms… Continue reading Fanwork Factions

The Creepypasta Panel

Creepypasta: the internet evolution of the urban legend. It has risen from nothing to become a mature horror genre over the last decade. What is it, why does it work, and how will it evolve into the future?

Bad Kidneys and Other NFTs

The perils of being on the internet have a tendency to create an infinite number of awful rabbit holes to fall into. Our panelists will discuss ways to avoid becoming Twitter’s main character, tools to steer clear from bad takes, and general ideas on good literary citizenship. All in the face of problematic favs and… Continue reading Bad Kidneys and Other NFTs

Finding Communities

It can be hard to find people with common interests if you are isolated geographically, or when you move to a new place. What goes into finding fellow fans, conventions, gaming or social groups? How do you get to know a new community culture? What pitfalls should you avoid?

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