Special Events

Hugo Award Ceremonies

The Hugo Awards are science fiction’s most prestigious awards. We gather together for the most prestigious ceremony in science fiction to discover the winners of the 2021 Hugo Awards.

Fan Funds Auction

Are you a generous and discerning convention attendee who’d like to support fannish travel funds such as TAFF (the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) and GUFF (the Going Under/Get Up-and-over Fan Fund) as they strengthen connections across SF fandom by exchanging delegates between continents? Come to the Fan Funds Auction and exchange your cash for quality merchandise… Continue reading Fan Funds Auction


The Worldcon Masquerade is a time-honored tradition going all the way back to 1940, offering costumers and cosplayers the chance to showcase the most amazing costumes in fandom. Come and see some of the best costumes from around the world on our stage.

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