TV & Film

Science Fiction Movies Across the World

What are the best new science fiction movies across the globe? The panel will make its recommendations, and you, the audience, can add more. This is a chance to contribute to watch lists for the 2022 Hugo Awards.

New TV: From Foundation to Squid Game & Beyond

The pandemic has left many of us looking for even more streaming and network shows than before. We’ll discuss the biggest hits, our favorites, and shows we wish had gone differently. From adaptations of classics to the next new hotness, anything goes!

Social Dynamics and Superpowers

Superheroes can mean something very different to members of marginalized communities than they do to members of a dominant culture. How do the dynamics of a superpower fantasy change when the hero is a member of an oppressed group?

They Flubbed the Landing: Disappointing Finales

Why is it so difficult to come up with an ending for a long-running TV or film series that satisfies fans, creators, and critics? Do finales fall apart because writers try too hard to please everyone? Panelists will discuss endings that weren’t satisfying, why they didn’t work, and what could have been done differently.

Zoom In. Enhance!

Television and film make detectives and forensic scientists into superheroes. But how much can you really tell from a grainy video, fingerbone, or scrap of fabric? How accurate are the super-science labs portrayed in shows like Bones and CSI? Panelists separate the science from the fiction in film, TV, and video game crime procedurals.

Welcome to Clone Club

Orphan Black, a show following the struggles of a group of clone sisters, was a great show with a small audience. This panel will celebrate its themes, science, and characterizations. Just don’t talk about Clone Club…

What’s Great About African SF?

The good, the great, and the just plain weird. Writers, editors and filmmakers talk about works they love from Africa—novels, films, comics, and literary gossip mags.

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