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The CW’s Contribution to Genre TV

Over the past 10 years, the CW has become a major source for speculative television. Panelists will discuss the role of the CW shows in the development of genre TV, and how the network has had an impact on the mainstreaming of genre.

Horror as Social Commentary

Horror offers so much more than slasher movies and ghost stories. The importance of the horror genre across literature, film, and increasingly television can hardly be overstated as a crucial platform to explore human weakness and critique social ills—while sometimes delivering sensational scares! Join a discussion about what horror is for, and what horror can… Continue reading Horror as Social Commentary

Plot a More Fantastic Four Movie

There have been 4 attempts to make a Fantastic Four movie (so far). They were all bad. The attendees of DisCon III can do better. Let’s plot, storyboard, and cast the perfect Fantastic Four movie.

Streaming Services and You

Speculative media content is increasingly offered through subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and CBS All Access. Do your subscriptions reflect your identity as a consumer and fan? What does it say if you subscribe to Britbox and Shudder versus Prime and Disney+?

The Fallout of Being the Chosen One

Being a Chosen One isn’t always happily-ever-after. The season-by-season model of television, and the multi volume novel,  allows viewers to explore the arc of the chosen one-type hero after the initial hero’s journey is complete. What are some of the emotional impacts and plot implications of the Chosen One’s story? What kind of generational trauma… Continue reading The Fallout of Being the Chosen One

Undead Shows: TV and Movies That Won’t Die

Some movie franchises and TV series were great when they started but lost their way long before their final installments. What are or were some of the worst examples of this phenomenon, and what caused these once-great properties to go off the rails?

What makes a Classic a Classic?

Join us for a discussion of the books, TV shows, movies, comics, and computer games that have become classics and ask why they have stayed with us. Panelists will discuss everything from the content through to the context, the contemporary market, and the modern memory.

Breaking a Story, Hollywood-Style

In Hollywood, “breaking a story” means listing each scene in a story and arranging them in order for maximum dramatic effect. This panel will discuss how to apply this technique to novels and other narratives.

Metropolis Revamped

DisCon III presents the almost complete 2010 restoration of the classic science fiction film Metropolis with an original rescore by musical artist Ryako. A Q&A session with Ryako will follow the screening.

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