Songwriting Tips from the Pegasus Award Nominees

The Pegasus Awards were founded by OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Fest) to recognize and honor excellence in filking. Our panelists have all been nominated for Pegasus Awards for their songwriting. Come hear what they have to say about the art of crafting the perfect song.

Sailing the Sea of Submissions

What is it like for marginalized or underrepresented writers to navigate submissions and rejections in short fiction? How do such writers consider editorial feedback related to voice or relatability, when it’s possible that feedback could be coming from a place of bigotry or close-mindedness rather than a reflection of their craft?

Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission

A small press manager guides participants through the general formatting and submissions guidelines for most publishers and agents. We will provide examples of dos and don’ts for manuscript submissions.

Representing Multilingual Worlds

Civilizations of the past have tended to be multilingual, sometimes with more than one common language along with various local languages and dialects. What are some ways to represent this diversity in a fictional text? How can linguistic diversity enhance other facets of storytelling?

Sound and Color: A Graphic Novel Primer

The tools of graphic novels allow writers to take strikingly different approaches to plot, tone and world-building than those using strictly prose. Our panel will explore key features of this form of storytelling, the process of working with an artist, common questions about the medium, and highlight a number of pivotal texts for newcomers.

The Complexities of War

Fantasy and science fiction seem to have a love affair with battles where two armies charge headlong at each other across vast plains or the immense vacuum of space for no good reason, and there is a notable absence of blood, bowels, and trauma. What are the best examples of realistic warfare? What methods can… Continue reading The Complexities of War

Washington, DC, in Speculative Fiction

Washington, DC, is a popular and compelling setting for mysteries and political thrillers, but what about speculative fiction? How is DC and its culture represented in science fiction and fantasy? How can you avoid reducing this complex city to a caricature? Which writers get it right, and how badly do some get it wrong?

Writing Believable Children

How old is too old for baby talk? Is it normal for seven-year-olds to talk about death? Can we just write children as small adults? Panelists walks us through how to write more realistic children for any audience (not just YA).

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